We believe in helping our patients maintain an excellent standard of oral hygiene by providing the education and tools to best care for their smile.

Regular check-ups help us to spot potential problems early, and can ultimately save you time and money in the long term.

Your first examination

When you join us as a new patient we like to take the time to get to know you and your mouth. During your first appointment we will discuss your medical history, as well as any concerns or hopes for your smile. You can expect to spend around 50 minutes with us so that we can also do a full oral health examination.

Healthy mouth exam

Visiting us for regular check-ups lets you raise any questions you may have about your teeth and helps us keep an eye on your overall oral health. During your examination we will take a thorough look at your teeth and gums to look for signs of decay, gum disease and other oral health concerns.

We will also be able to offer advice about diet, in particular your alcohol and tobacco consumption, and other lifestyle factors that may have an impact on your smile.

Hygiene treatment

Our trained and experienced hygienist is here to give you a deeper clean, to help promote healthier teeth and gums. A scale and polish removes stubborn tartar and plaque that can be missed by regular brushing, leaving your teeth feeling squeaky clean. Regular deep cleaning is essential to get rid of the bacteria caused by plaque build-up that can lead to gum disease.

If gum disease has already started to develop hygiene treatments can help to stop it in its tracks. We can offer root planing, an intensive cleaning of the teeth under the gum lining. This removes tartar from the root surface and can help reduce inflammation of the gum tissue.

Poor gum health has been linked to more serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and strokes, so hygiene treatments can do much more than just care for your mouth.

Emergency treatment

Dental emergencies can happen to anyone at any time. Whether it’s an infection causing you pain, or damage to a tooth caused by trauma, our same-day emergency appointments mean we can minimise any distress or discomfort and tackle the problem before it leads to permanent damage or more involved treatment. When the unexpected happens don’t worry – we’re here for you.