Private Fees

We believe in being open and transparent when it comes to our fees and we will outline costs prior to any treatment commencing. We are happy to provide a personalised written estimate for all treatment plans.

Preventative care

Private fee

New patient examination

Healthy mouth examination

£10.00 (each)

Advanced gum treatment (per 30 min session with hygienist)

Emergency treatment
from £55.00

General Dentistry

Private fee

Routine Extraction
from £95.00

Surgical Extraction
from £150.00

Fillings (composite)
from £75.00

Fillings (amalgam)
from £71.00

Root canal treatment(incisor/Canine)
from £260.00

Root canal treatment(Molar)
from £400.00

Root canal treatment(Pre-Molar)
from £324.00

Denture (partial Acrylic) Upper & lower
from £599.00

Single implant including crown
from £1800.00

Implant to retain denture
from £1300.00 (per implant)

from £496.00

from £500.00

Cosmetic dentistry

Private fee

Smile consultation

Composite bonding
from £125 (per tooth)

Inman Aligner
from £1300

Clear Aligner (Invisalign)
from £2700

Tooth whitening
from £199

from £800

NHS Fees

Help with costs

For more advice on receiving help with the cost on NHS dental treatment, go to

We have agreed with NHS England to provide NHS services for all patients. NHS dental treatment includes all treatment necessary to secure and maintain your oral health.

The poster in our waiting room has information about the cost of NHS treatment. Your dentist will provide you with a treatment detailing the cost of any NHS treatment needed or private care agreed.

Patients found to have incorrectly claimed help with the cost of NHS dental treatment may receive a penalty charge.

NHS Price List