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a real surgery with real people

Me and my family have been using this dentist for 15 years we have never had a problem, we would go as far as to say they have offered outstanding service on one occasion the night before going on 2 week holiday to Italy I needed last minute emergency work I called the chief dentist who was attending a dinner and instead of him being upset that I disturbed his evening he insisted on seeing me and came there and then.

This is not the Ritz, and the staff won’t kill you with kindness but this is a real surgery with real people and that is what me and my family want and why we use them.
Marta. Hill

Wonderful experience

I had a wonderful experience at this practice. I’ve been several times and found the dentist to be excellent for myself and children. She’s been very accommodating and works wonderful with children. I had a terrible tooth extraction from another dentist but I went to Maison Smile and they rectified the problem in one visit and didn’t charge the earth.

They were honest and professional throughout and talked me through ensuring I was comfortable and happy throughout. I couldn’t recommend this place enough!
R. Sunka

Been a patient here for 15 years

This is a great dental practice…. good dentists & staff are very friendly, you will always receive a good honest opinion.
Highly recommended.
12 August 2017 | Anon

Great dental practice

Excellent staff and service. Very professional, would definitely recommend it to anyone.
25 May 2017 | Anon

My Dentist Review

Having been a patient at this surgery I have been very happy with my dental care and always recommend the surgery when asked for a recommendation for a good dentist.
23 March 2017 | Anon

Treatment at Maison Smile

In general I have been able to get appointments when required and the treatment has always been good. The staff is friendly and welcoming at all times.
06 February 2017 | Anon

Great NHS and private surgery for adults and children

I have been going to Madison smile for over decade and always been very happy with all aspects of the surgery. They are diligent, polite and always flexible with appointments and emergencies. I take my children there too and they have been treated with care and so gently that they are not scared of going to the dentist.
01 February 2017 | Anon

Just perfect service

The staff is very kind and friendly, and doctor is absolutely amazing, they explained me everything during the treatment and answered every question, letting me take every decision possible depending on my priorities. It is a 5star service.
01 February 2017 | Anon

Brilliant treatment and brilliant staff

My dentist has been amazing and has provided excellent treatment. As an anxious patient they and their nurse put me at ease by being constantly talkative. I can’t recommend this rental practice enough. Out of the 4 practice’s I’ve been to in the past this is by far the best.
02 February 2017 | Anon

great dentist

I have been a patient at this lovely practice for almost 5 years and I am very happy with this practice. The dentists are very nice and they gave me a lot of choices and costs to help me out with my treatments I am very happy with my results I have the perfect smile now.
04 June 2016 | Anon

the best dental practice I have been to so far!

I hardly stay in one clinic for a long time but this one is an exception simply because of their excellence. The staff are incredibly helpful and clearly skilled from their vast knowledge and impressive actions. As a result, my family now use it as well and they are very happy, this – to me, says a lot because they are very picky. I always recommend this brilliant practice to all of my relatives and friends. You will not regret visiting this clinic.
04 June 2016 | Anon


I took my mother in law to this practice after she complained of pain from her top tooth. Booking the appointment was straightforward and hassle free with the receptionist being very friendly. We saw the dentist downstairs. A lovely person I must say. My mother in law is usually very nervous and almost always complains of discomfort after any dental work. Not so this time!! She had two x rays one filling and a deep gum clean. She felt the dentist took their time instead of rushing through. And she wants to go back in 6 months! Success all round!
08 August 2016 | Anon

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