N Gok

Patient Coordinator/ Registered Manager

GDC Number: 247952

I have been in my current position as Head Nurse/Receptionist/Practice Manager at Maison Smile Dental Practice for 8 years. I consider myself as a hardworking, proactive, loyal person who works to the best of ability at all times.

I am fluent in English and Turkish. I am passionate using these skills within my practice at work. As practice manager, I have learned to interact with people of different nationalities and languages including the general public and staff. I am a good leader, very organised and delegate tasks as and when required. I work well with my peers and have good organizational and communication skills which I see as my strength.

As a head nurse I have experience with different type of patients and working with NHS and private treatments including implant and orthodontist treatments.

Besides work in my spare time i enjoy reading and traveling different countries to explore different cultures.

Languages spoken: Turkish